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Give Back Program,

The founders of Site Hero wanted a way to consistently give back to the Veteran community. It's due to that beacon of brotherhood that we created our Give Back program.
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Give Back?

All of our founders are military Veterans. A combined 34 years of service between them, covering military enlistments and time served in federal service.

We know firsthand how hard it can be just to communicate our challenges with those who haven't experienced what we've been through. 

It's even harder to ask for help, get proper medical care, and the hardest being the reentry back into civilian life after service.

It's because of these challenges, all of which we've experienced and more, is why we've chosen to support Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) in the best way we know how.

Our skills. 
Our Care Plans
Many NPOs are on a tight budget, and having web professionals manage their website can be a huge relief. 
Setup For Success
Our founders also have a combined 58 years of experience in technology and the digital space. There isn't a problem that we can't solve. 
Stable Growth
For each 10 clients that we bring in, we'll add 1 NPO for free to our base Care Plan. This allows us to still earn enough revenue so that roughly 10% of our business can be geared towards NPOs.
Streamlined Onboarding
Due to the nature of our work with NPOs, we regularly get a large interest each cycle that we onboard an NPO as a client. It's because of this that we have a tracking system to keep up with all the NPO candidates and their status of approval.

Recommend a Non-Profit Organization

There is a growing number of Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) starting their journey each year. We take the public's recommendations into consideration when deciding which NPOs we are going to onboard as a client. 
Please include contact details. Preferably a website and Point of Contact (POC).

Vote On Your Favorite NPOs!

All recommendations for NPO clients to take on are sent to a centralized location. You will need to create an account with Canny in order to vote, but you'll be able to vote on any NPO that you feel could use our services.

Here is to hoping we can put a dent into the world and support a few causes. 
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